From the first note to the last frame

Frugel3 speakers create stunningly realistic music and dramatic movies


New technology, simplicity and modern styling combine into superior, engaging performance at an affordable price.


 For your first system... or your last.

Domestic Bliss

(or how to please your wife and get what you want)

Remember when everything was made by hand and people had pride in their work

At electricbeach we accommodate your style preferences and generally do things a little differently to offer a

lovingly hand crafted

alternative in a range of finishes that can either blend into your room or become a statement piece.

Sound Design 

A movie system based on a musical foundation has sound arguments for delivering a superior experience. All the dramatic audio fireworks are still presented, but with more subtlety and finesse.


Consider that ALL the emotion - all the tension, levity, sadness, involvement, the emotional manipulation -
are actually created by the soundtrack.

It is the same access to the performance whether stereo music or 5.1 movies, that captures your attention - and holds it, enthralled.

Old meets New

The technology that gave the original cinema and stereo sound is distinctly intimate and engaging.

By applying the modern materials and computerisation to a vintage design theory, the Frugel3 speakers aim to bring this character into your living room in a way that combines both form and function.


Speaker dimensions: 900mm x 175mm x 475mm
Construction: Single extended full-range emitter in 18mm Baltic Birch TQWT cabinet

Sensitivity: 85.8 dB
Range: 42-Hz to 32-kHz



"Thanks for showing me something I didn't know I wanted because I didn't know it existed. Everyone who's heard them looks for the other speakers!"
B. Mursell, Ramsgate


"Miraculous experience. The emotion is REALLY unbelievable. The music very clear, the resolution of the instruments is obvious. The space feels very open, wide, natural and rich - when I close my eyes I get shivers, it's like being in the audience yourself.

The vocals have almost no distortion and the voice of the singer comes very close and pure to you. Low piano notes tremble and the high notes don't break down, horns and acoustic guitars I especially like a lot."

J. Nupponen, Helsinki


hi-fi pig recommended   {Read the review here}

"I really am astonished how such a small coned metal driver manages to paint a picture of such ease and vibrancy, delicacy and emotion. It just keeps me thinking 'how is this possible?"


"I believe coupled with high end electronics the electricbeach Frugel3 is enthusiastic and sophisticated enough to engage even the hardcore audiophiles out there and gain their respect."


"Don't under estimate what is achievable from such a budget priced speaker. Nothing I have heard within their price range could even become a contender in my eyes."



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The speakers were designed as Frugelhorn mk3 by audio enthusiasts, for audio enthusiasts.

A wealth of information is available on their websites:

frugal-horn.com } { Woden Design }